Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars were well done for a change

Each year Arlene and I watch the Oscars and each year we connect online at, and bop around to the various Oscars live blogging locations. We do this mainly because there are always long periods of not so great moments.

This year was different. First, because the site could not handle the load, we missed doing predictions, etc. Next, because the broadcast was exceptionally well done.

It moved along at a good pace.

The various entertainment selections were well done with Hugh Jackman providing both talent, humor and a personal touch.

The venue was more intimate and more connected with the in-house audience, which gave the evening a better feel.

And finally, but most importantly, was the manner in which the best acting Oscars were announced. For each nominee, a past winner arrived to give a short testimonial to that nominee. Some sounded as if they were written for them while others came across as personal congratulations from the presenter. It was the first time I felt that the Oscars lived up to the oft stated "I appreciate this award so much because it comes from my peers, people in the business". This year the presentations felt that way and far more personal.

Great job Oscars.

P.S. Really, fix your online presence for next year. It really, really sucked this year.