Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is AT&T the next Comcast? Wait, they already are!

AT&T is the sole provider of the iPhone, too bad.
I have been with AT&T wireless for quite a few years, too bad.
My latest phone is a Samsung Blackjack with a Family Plan (voice) and A Data plan called MediaMax 200 (unlimited Media Net with 200 messages).
Recently, I noticed I was always going over my 200 message limit. So silly me, I thought I would check out the various plans to see if I could increase my message limit.

On AT&T wireless web site I found the ability to buy a 1500 message plan.

Simple, huh?

Called customer service to upgrade and the rep found the plans I needed and then he tried to apply those to my Blackjack. Unfortunately, the "system" would not let him activate them. Since he could not see the problem, he went off to ask his supervisor why this wouldn't work. The supervisor told him that those options weren't available for the Blackjack and the only bundle available was unlimited data with unlimited messaging. Instead of the small $15 increase, the total cost would be $50.

What a scam! They have the options but refuse to let you buy them, selectively.

Fortunately, there are other carriers with better rates and options. It is sad that a customer can't purchase exactly what they need rather than what they are force fed.
Currently, I am not too happy with AT&T wireless.

I thought that AT&T had gotten better than this, but I guess not. They have the same customer view as Comcast had. Now here is a shock, that I thought I would never utter, Comcast may actually be getting better. Perhaps the Universe abhors a vaccum, so this may be why AT&T wireless is filling the poor customer service "spot" that Comcast seems to be making available.

Wanted an iPhone, but now, not as long as AT&T is the only provider.

Buyer beware!

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