Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Think of a song, now play it with Songerize

Yes, that's right, just think of your favorite song or perhaps an obscure one, there is a good chance that Songerize will play it. Of course you also need to known the artist, but that shouldn't be too difficult. However, if you really don't know the artist AND the song title, then just enter what you do know. You aren't guarantee to get the song you were thinking about, but then what the heck, you just found a new song.

Songerize is powered by, but without the hassle. You can sign up for and expand your experience, but for me Songerize works well enough and is as simple as type title and play.

BTW, Songerize doesn't just do music. It also can access podcasts.


P.S. an update on finding obscure songs. Well, it looks like my taste in music is a bit left field. A couple of my favorite artists were not found. Mark Thunderwolf and the groups Maske and Outback did not return any results. So, I guess I will need to be a bit more "main stream". There are probably worse things I could do.

Update: Looks like Songerize does not implement seeqpod correctly, since when I went directly there I was able to find the songs by Outback. The others? Well, still out in left field.


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Nickodaemous said...

I like your offbeat taste ;-)
It's pretty easy to find tunes that songerize/seeqpod doesn't have and given the dubious legal standing that those sites are operating under I'd suggest taking a look at which is basicly 'youtube for music' - I checked and it does have tunes by outback... but the others you've named manage to stump even imeem's gigantic catalog.
Awesome site, the only real downsides are a) it works best in North America and b) you need to give them an e-mail address and register to get the full length versions of some tunes.