Thursday, December 06, 2007

Law and Video "audio" podcast by The DVShow Podcast Network

The Law and Video Podcast started on September 18, 2007, it is provided via the DVShow Podcast Network.

From the L & V web site:

Gordon Firemark is an attorney whose practice is devoted to the representation of artists, writers, producers and directors in the fields of theater, film, television, and music.

His practice also covers intellectual property, cyberspace, new media and business/corporate matters for clients in the entertainment industry.

This is the first live, call-in podcast to clear the air on legal issues for filmmakers and videographers who are looking for answers to questions related to starting a production business, copyright issues, contracts, intellectual property and distribution.

I have listened from the start and it has always been interesting. Similar to the other shows in the DVShow Podcast Network, Brian Alves hosts the broadcast where Gordon FireMark answers call-in, email and recorded audio questions. Each Tuesday at 8:00 PM ET the show is live. A majority of the questions have referenced copyrights but also covered are the use of hidden cameras, recording audio, defamation, DMCA, takedown notices, obtaining releases/permits and contractual impacts, plus much more. Running time for the show is typically between 30 and 50 minutes.

You can subscribe to Gordon's audio podcast via:

Be sure to stop by the Law and Video web site or Gordon's web site for more information.

I found this show fascinating and the answers continue to surprise me. Take a listen and enjoy!