Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Tuesday?

I watched this video in amazement. Colonial Williamsburg has an "actor" playing Thomas Jefferson. He was interviewed as TJ in character.

Now I ask you why can't our president be this coherent!!!????

The video below is a longer version of the TJ interview as presented on Rocketboom.

Below is a shorter version mixed with Why Tuesday details.

Read more about Why Tuesday org.

For a little background on why the Federal Law makes Tuesday election day see the following non-authoritative sources:

And finally, here is some interesting reading on how the Constitution defines the election of a president and vice president. (The 12th Amendment to the Constitution). You can see how this was used in "the 1824 scenario" within the information about presidential elections

Just thought you might be interested, if you made it this far.

BTW, since you are still reading... do you know how many times the president was elected without having a majority of the votes? We remember the election of 2000, but did you know that similar ones occurred throughout our history? Take a look at the election results chart on the presidential elections reference noted above.


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Rich said...

Follow up with an interesting book by Edward J. Larson called "A Magnificant Castastrophe" available on The book details the presidential election of 1800.

This election changed the way things "worked" in elections from then on and gave birth to the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.