Friday, August 10, 2007

Matt Danzico's Around America video blogging project

This kind of project has sort of been done before, but this one is a bit different.

There is this guy who wants to travel around the United States for free, but he really does have a purpose.

Excerpt from his website says:

At its foundation, this is an experiment about human interaction and whether relationships formed on digital platforms can transcend into the physical world. The project, seeks to answers to three questions:

1. What level of trust can be carried from social networking and video sharing platforms to the physical world? Are digital relationships condemned to a life on the Internet?

2. Is a cultural flattening phenomenon occurring among America’s youth?. (i.e., Is Joe Brooklyn really that different from Michael Wyoming?) If so, has Web 2.0 contributed to it and how?

3. And, the basic question: will people give their time, money, and effort just to connect with a person they only know digitally? Meaning, are online users actually interested in meeting the individuals that contribute to the deluge of profiles and video clips that comprise Web 2.0 or is their interest founded in the safety of anonymity and geographic separation?

Be sure to check out his introduction video, either on his site or below.

Video request

Enjoy America!

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