Friday, August 31, 2007

"Break A Leg" is it really a sitcom?

There are tons of videos out and about. With all this harvest there is a lot of chaff. One site stands out as something different. This one is

Good writing, good sound, good camera work and last but not least good personalities.

I am not sure why but what they have published over on is quite engaging. Even the bloopers are fun and interesting to view, although at times they feel a bit long. Like that favorite bag of chips, I just can't "eat" just one.

If they get going with this sitcom, it should be one of the best.

Here is their description:

About the show:

DAVID PENN just got his first sitcom, Groommates, picked up -- the problem is, he may not live long enough to see it succeed.

That's right, aside from the regular trials and tribulations that come with shooting a sitcom, David has one other problem -- he's going to die at the end of the season. How? That remains to be seen. Why? That's another important piece of information that David has yet to figure out. But as he narrates his story from beginning to end, one fact remains -- he will die, in the storage room, with a gun to his head and the sounds of a fake laugh track in his ears.

A show not only about show business, but relationships, fame, entertainment, and death -- BREAK A LEG is a mix of The Office and Arrested Development with a bit of murder thrown in, just for good measure.

P.S. I enjoy the eastern European flavor. Thanks David.

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