Friday, July 27, 2007

Viddler - yet another video upload site {YAVUS}

Well does the world need YAVUS? Maybe! appears to be the same as all the other upload sites, but with a twist.

It allows you to upload videos via file or record a webcam (or attached digi-cam). Nothin' new here.

However, it does provide a few new twists. Specifically, it allows you or others to tag the video. What's new about that you say? Well the tags appear in the timeline of the playback as the video is viewed. Okay, that's new to me at least.

You can share the vid with friends.... not new? Perhaps the fact that they generate a secret URL that you can use to send to friends for viewing is. No longer is the vid published so everyone can see just because you want to share with one friend. Or you can email that special video to someone including the secret URL and they see it even if they are not a member of viddler, no login required. This feels different. Now soon everyone will being doing this, but for now is a very nice way to share videos, easily.

Some other features that I think are interesting are:

  • ability to insert tags and comments in the video timeline
  • ability to set pic at any spot in video
  • ability to insert video response in the timeline

A secret video is included

I found it entertaining, it may actually be a bit useful as well. We share see.

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