Saturday, June 16, 2007 - And your Bacon Number is?

Over the past several days I have found many new things.

First, I was on MySpace and quite happy until I talked with some folks about Facebook.
Well, I moved over to Facebook, because it felt more like a community rather than a popularity and advertisement fest.

On my Facebook, I found an app called iLike which lets you find new music along with finding people with similar musical tastes. iLike led me back over to my old podcast account, where I found even more music and got my music quest running again.

On iLike I found someone named Josh who had a high "iLike compatibility index" with me. He has a web site which I popped over to and I found that he vacationed in Japan and ended up staying. This was something I had planned on doing on my way to Australia... all this was set aside by my time here in the Pacific NW.

Back on Josh's web site was a ""badge" for making donations to the "Make a Wish" Foundation. The badge had the link on it. I, of course, clicked on it because for the past week or so I have been entertaining myself with the six degrees of separation that is represented by the Kevin Bacon "game".

To my surprise, on, there is a video by Kevin Bacon talking about both the cause badging and the Bacon Number game. Yikes. Everyone is only six degrees away from everyone else.

Making a long story even longer... take a look at and see what's up.

AND if you really want to get crazy, take a look at the real "Bacon Number" (BN) calculator over at the University of Virginia called "The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia" it is truly incredible how many actors are within 2 BNs of Kevin. I tried even actors from India, Hong Kong and China, then I tried actors that are new and others that were dead and it simply did not matter...

Enjoy! And remember your Bacon Number after you stop over at!

By the way, by reading this post you are now only 1 away from me... like that matters.

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