Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Documenting everyday life in video. Why?

Is it narcissistic to make a video and publish it on the Internet?
Why do we capture every day happenings and share them?
Do we like to see ourselves?
Is it for family, friends, neighbors?
Is it controversial, political, or propaganda?

Funny, silly, serious, emotional, down right boring!
Short, long, blurry, silent, overwhelming!

No matter the reasons, the quality, or purpose, each video shows something about life. Yep, everyday life.

What if?

What if everyone in the world had access to the Internet?
What if everyone in the world could make a video and show what it is like for them each day?
What if everyone in the world could see what other people are like everywhere else?

Would they see enemies?
Would they see friends?
Would they be shocked?
Would they be bored?
Would they be touched?

Yep, and probably dozens of other emotions and experiences.

I hold the thought that if the people of the world saw the daily struggles, happiness and emotions of everyone else, they might understand more about each other.

Each person has needs - survival, family, love, safety, music, art, and a feeling of belonging.

We aren't that different. Maybe if we saw that fact, everyday, we would understand. If just the "everyday" happenings, challenges and joys were shared, perhaps it would be a little more difficult to hurt and to hate one another.

Okay, I admit that a hundred different versions of the Numa-Numa dance may not bring about world peace, but it sure enough isn't causing anyone to go to war! This little ditty has been performed in oh so many places around the world. Could it be that we all have the same stupid sense of humor? Ah, common ground!

If a video makes you feel something, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, sympathy or love, what a way to communicate. If it calls to action or discloses truth or exposes, should not this capability be shared with all.

Well, I got a bit off track. All I am saying is no matter what your motivation is for making and sharing a video with the world, you are documenting something of life. The sharing may mean that someone else understands more about you. Who knows where that could lead.

For now, I will continue to make my feeble attempts at making videos that someone may watch some day. My hope is that everyone can do the same. Perhaps then we will all be a little closer.

With a wink and a smile, enjoy!

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