Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's Important Project Interview - Arlene 2006-05

WIP-interview with Arlene

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As I have mentioned in past postings, there is a effort by Ken Chan from Perth, Western Australia to document the opinions and important factors in peoples' lives around the world. It is called the What's Important Project (WIP). Not much has happened in the recent months, but Ken is trying to get more videos and assemble them into a library of shorts that may be of interest to others.

To that end I have joined the ranks in trying to capture some of this footage.
I don't have the video skills that Ken delivers, but what the heck, everyone is vlogging so how hard could it be.

Besides the challenge of finding enough time to perform the video shoots, the editing and finally getting it uploaded somewhere, there exists the uphill battle of getting people on camera. You would think that everyone would love to get their face, their opinions and their voice plastered all over the Internet. Surprise, it just isn't so. Hopefully, now that Arlene has shown that it isn't embarassing nor lame to say what you believe, perhaps it will be an easier task to get even more wonderful thoughts on what's important from many more interesting people.


What's Important Project -

Information: Seattle, WA USA  2006-05

Interviewer: Rich Hand

Comment: Arlene's interview was the first in the series from Rich Hand.


Rich said...

Please note the no longer exists as the What's Important Project. I have created two new locations to help get the project started anew.

They are:

The 2nd link of will be the main location for the project but everything will be cross posted to the other site as well.

Rich said...