Monday, May 08, 2006

Videoblogging, is everyone doing it? No, why not?

The question above is actually a bit rhetorical, since thousands of folks are in fact videoblogging. Everything from the musings of a teenager in her room talking to the world as if they all knew her (or even cared) to the daily posts of dozens of news-like knock-offs.

Please don't get me wrong, I am addicted to listening to all the podcasts I can get my hands on. Also note, that in previous posts I have rambled on about and on and on...

All that said, there are two things that if everyone knew about them, thousands more would be videoblogging away.

First, there is an application which I may have mentioned previously, but bears mentioning once more. It is called VLOG IT by Serious Magic
. Of course, you don't absolutely have to have VLOG IT. You can do everything manually and probably get as good results... well maybe. It kind of depends on your techno factor. Some times it happens that techno and artist aren't compatible or even a desire on the artist's part. If this is the case, take a gander at VLOG IT.
You will still need some sort of video input device, but hey, why are you reading this if you're not serious about it.

As mentioned above, is a great source for information. Well, they went one better. Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson wrote the book "Secrets of Videoblogging". It is pretty basic, but crammed full of great information and an insight or two for those wishing to get started. This would make a great resource for a video blogging course... wait, I bet it is ...

The book covers everything from finding videoblogs to listen to... to what software, hardware and camera you can get. It also covers some of the lesser thought about issues like getting permission to film places and people (with a great hint about using the video to record permissions). And many subjects in between like - videoblogger collaboration; video compression; finding your story and attracting an audience; adding free music to the video and of course how to setup RSS feeds to spread your story. Don't have a techno fit, Michael and Ryanne make it all understandable and you don't need to work for NASA to figure out a single bit of the book. Really!

Well, that's about does it for now. I think these two tools will finally be the push I need to get off my lazy arse and start producing real vid's instead of just "talking" about it.


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