Saturday, April 22, 2006

do you video blog? you must visit feevlog!

Quite some time ago I talked about Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson basically provide everything you need to know about video blogging with an eye towards the people can't afford or are too cheap (my category) to fork over tons of cash for equipment, server resources, etc.

Recently (relative to this past of course) they enhanced the freevlog site to "version 3". Quite a nice update, although it feels a lot more commercial then the previous incarnations. Don't be scared away, the info is excellent and may be the only place to see the real thing.

Michael and Ryanne may not be making big bucks doing this (I don't understand why not), but they are making a BIG difference with all their efforts.

So, take a look at their new format and in particular view the tutorial. Also note Michael gave birth to the Node 101 concept that has spread around the country.

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