Saturday, April 22, 2006

do you video blog? you must visit feevlog!

Quite some time ago I talked about Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson basically provide everything you need to know about video blogging with an eye towards the people can't afford or are too cheap (my category) to fork over tons of cash for equipment, server resources, etc.

Recently (relative to this past of course) they enhanced the freevlog site to "version 3". Quite a nice update, although it feels a lot more commercial then the previous incarnations. Don't be scared away, the info is excellent and may be the only place to see the real thing.

Michael and Ryanne may not be making big bucks doing this (I don't understand why not), but they are making a BIG difference with all their efforts.

So, take a look at their new format and in particular view the tutorial. Also note Michael gave birth to the Node 101 concept that has spread around the country.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

free yourself from your iPod and iTunes

As previously mentioned I just love my iPod. I received the 60GB model and of course Apple has now decided to discontinue this model (rumor). This of course doesn't mean that the 60GB model will stop working or anything like that.

Back to the point of this note. I recently saw a news article on Rocketboom about a new beta product called Podcastready. This is a great setup that allows you to use an MP3 player or some other portable storage device to download podcasts and play them.

However, the slick part about Podcastready is that together with their browser button, website and the files that are placed on your device is that you don't need iTunes or your iPod syncing. Plus it works on any MP3 players and storage devices.

The bottom line is that you place a set of files on your player or storage device and then run the Podcastready utility while this device is connected to ANY internet connected machine. You get "sync'ed" up and viola you can now listen and watch any of the podcasts you would normally get via your iPod. Podcastready's simplicity is it key to success.

Drawbacks are - if you buy lots of content from iTunes then you can use both the normal iPod/iTunes sync'ing as well as the Podcastready sync'ing, but of course the simplicity flys out the window.

Give Podcastready a try. Perhaps you will find that freedom is a pleasant experience.