Thursday, March 09, 2006

New laptop, now a new laptop tray...

I recently replaced my old Dell laptop with a Toshiba wide screen laptop.
Great resolution and wonderfully large screen. But now I went from a 12.5 inch wide machine to a 15.5 inch monster.

I had a LapDesk but unfortunately that just won't cut it with this big guy.

So, I searched around for a suitable replacement. Finally, found the Laptop trays at the bed tray shoppe. These were the only ones that allowed for the large laptop and the ability to hold both a mouse and Wacom tablet. This machine is used for video editing and both these input devices are required.

There are two models "New" Acrylic Laptop desk simple design and the true laptop desk specific design.

Unfortunately, the bed tray shoppe did not have the 2nd one available, but it is available from edgeblurs site called the surfACE