Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Recently, I met a very interesting person by the name of Ken Chan. Ken lives in Australia. Specifically, Perth, Western Australia. The reason I contacted him was by sheer chance. The things that came together to produce this meeting are varied; scattered and yet all spliced together like a some unique tale.

First, I have a long term attraction towards Australia. Since way back in the 70's, I have wanted to live there. However, a lifetime of changes and other adventures have prevented that from happening.

Next, I have always had a goal of getting information, understanding or an awareness, to everyone about everyone. Yea, I know, cure world hunger while you are at it. Once again, you would need Sherman and Peabody's "way-back" machine to know the moment when this came into my life.

Next, way more recently, like so many people, I have been bitten by the "media" bug to produce video and share it with anyone, everyone. Of course, I am a noob on this front and as with most things will be self taught.

Next, video podcasting arrives on "my" scene with Rocketboom; Steve Garfield; Eric Rice; Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson. Michael and Ryanne provide inspiration and technical "how to" via freevlog.

hang in there! there really is a point to all this!

Next, Apple provides the video iPod (I know, Apple iPod with video). iTunes provides video podcasts. I am hooked. Searching for video content, I find an Australian podcast about what's important to people around the world.

Okay, as you can now understand, I was going to subscribe to this one!!!

So, of course onto the iPod it went. Later that same night, I watched each of the three videos. The subjects were entrancing and I replayed them over and over again to learn why they had an impact. Was it the content? Was it the split clips? Was it the fact they were made in Australia? Whatever it was I needed to contact the author.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Since I had no idea how the multiple video images got put together into a single video, I asked Ken Chan how he did it. I figured he would blow me off. Clearly he was a professional and wouldn't have time for some guy from the States just out of the blue sending him an email, asking some stupid "noob" question.

To my surprise he wrote back AND answered my question.
In final cut pro using a lot of key-frames

I, of course, had no clue what the answer meant. But that's okay, I had a starting point.

There were two other lines in that same first email:

Are you interested in being a part of the what's important project? Or know of film makers who'd be into the idea?

Well, there you go! Yep, I was interested! I contacted Ken via Skype and have started lining up folks to interview, as well as telling everyone I meet, email, talk with or see about this project.

IF you are interested in this project, feel free to contact either me or Ken. If you feel so inclined, stop over at and follow the "The Process".

Who knows what will happen?

The guideposts for this project are:

  • We want to have the experience of Fun, Sharing, Professionalism and Creativity.

  • When we conduct the interviews, we want to feel related to the interviewee and have them enjoy the experience and continually remind them of what is most important to them.

  • The Experience of the interviewee - enjoyable, reflective, awakening, perspective.

  • The process should be easy to implement and consistent.

  • We want to maintain respect for our interviewees, what they want to omit and what their original intention in communication was.

  • The project is inquisitive, and explores the connections humans have, and the commonality we share, regardless of age, locality, race, culture.

You may not have the same connection with this project that I did, but

Think for one minute without speaking

- What is most important to you?
- What are you happy with?
- What upsets you about the world as it is?



Rich said...

Side note: Ken is a multi-talent guy. He also writes songs. Check out his podcast titled Ken Chan's Songwriter Podcast on iTunes.

Rich said...

So, whatever happened to the project?

Well, it looks like the interest and enthusiasm that was so alive and well in 2005 hit a wall. Activity has ground to a halt, so I figure this will not get of the ground any time soon.

That said, it looks like it is time to re-activate "Feeds from Space".

More as it develops, or is that "film at eleven!" You really need to be way older to understand that reference...

live, laugh, love.