Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The next chapter?

It looks like both this blog and yours truly are at a crossroad.

The blog has jumped around from personal images, words and musings to "digg" stories to reviews of products to whatever came to mind in the middle of the night. Perhaps it needs some focus.

As for me, well I am getting much older than I ever expected. Most likely this sense of age is influenced by my ever increasing forehead and a spot on the top of my head which appears to be racing forward to meet the new forehead real estate. It brings up an image of two lovers running towards each other across an open field (you know the perfume commercial moment). However, in this case when the lovers meet, all that is left is the open field... geez, thanks grandpa!

With the aging process, my thoughts turn more towards things like the Gates or Google Foundations and video blogging than the striving and stress of career and corporate "level ups".

So as an experiment, I will try out a more focused approach to both the blog and myself. If I can find an inexpensive way to provide a video journal on what is going on in and around me, then perhaps that will focus on what is important.

You know what? I think that What's Important Project is already having an affect on me.

Thanks for reading, listening and commenting.

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