Saturday, December 31, 2005

Is it time again to look back over another year?

Dang, that went fast!

2005 flew by. So in keeping with last year's review and look ahead here goes.

2005 was an interesting year.
- Storms ravaged. (repeat from 2004, not as deadly, thankfully).
- War continues. (crap, another repeat from 2004).
- The World Series, I have no idea who won nor do I care.
- My son turned 17 (he moved in with us) and his sister turned 12 (still at her mom's).
- personally survived several run-ins with real life. Embrace change.
- Continue to be loved by (and in love with) the most incredible woman on earth. (I think this is a repeatable process... woohoo!)
- No more sleepless nights but some really early mornings (yes, there's a difference!)
- still blogging
- not much TV, creating videos and watching/listening to podcasts
- built/rebuilt some PCs
- learning, enjoying every moment (what? another repeat! how boring!)

So, what is in store for 2006? I thought 2005 would be "a year with hope, love and peace". Well on some small scale this was true. I have hope that the people connected with my life will find love and peace. World-wide, it isn't lookin' so good.

Being the eternal optimist, I still hope that 2006 will bring hope, love and peace.

My personal plan is to create and publish some videos. Make a difference where I can. Just be in the moment. oohhhhmmmmmmm....

On a personal note, I am writing this at 7:30 AM (not 4 AM). Now, I call that progress! Are you still reading this? Well..... Thanks.

Here are my wishes for you (and me)...

live well, laugh often and love deeply

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