Saturday, October 15, 2005

finally, the vipods are here...

Normally, I don't do ads, but in this case I have been awaiting the arrival of a gadget that would do music, photos and video in a stylish package. Previously, I talked about the Creative Zen unit because of its linkage to the Windows MCE OS and the ability to download videos. However, given my usage, it really did not have enough storage, so I waited.

Enter the new Apple iPod (aka vipod). The screen is smaller than a Zen, but it has 30 or 60 GB of storage. Now that is in the range of my needs. 120 GB would be better, but price is a concern and that form factor is not yet in the price range of average consumers.

Steve Jobs said that the new iPod was directed towards music first, then photos and oh by the way, it does video too. He really does not believe that the screen size will be the best for video (as stated in a previous interview). However, I think he may have underestimated the demand for this type of content. I would like to predict that video downloads to this small screen iPod will far exceed his expectations. Nope, it doesn't have the screen size of a Zen or a PSP, but I don't think that will matter initially. An iPod is an icon of our culture. They are fashion.

BTW, I think it will not take long for Apple to bump up the size of the screen and still retain the same iPod footprint. You can turn the screen sideways and stretch it to 16:9/4:3 dimensions quite easily, just reduce the size of the controls. Not a big leap for the "nano" creators.

All in all, this holiday season will see the iPod sales go through the roof. They basically have no competition with the style advantage they hold.

Opinion: I have not been an Apple fan. Way back when, I loved Apple computers. They were the only machines I would use. Apple lost me when they continued to obsolete the machine I owned without providing an upgrade path. I finally vowed that I would never again be suckered in by Apple's business model. Well, they got me with the vipod. It didn't hurt that they announced the new direction for their computer business either.

I'm back, Apple!

I bet others in the crowd are back too. Don't screw us over again. That would be a really bad idea.

Final words: Hey Apple, guess what!? Expand your video/TV downloads to the geek oriented channels and shows such as the SciFi channel. I have to believe that this is a huge (relatively) untapped market.

Quietly drooling, awaiting delivery of my Apple iPod (vipod)...

Added test video blog (vlog) entry of this blog . For now, just click on the link. Later will provide real image clickable link.

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