Saturday, July 16, 2005

receiving podcasts just gets easier and easier

For all of you who have discovered the iTunes 4.9 Podcasts feature, there is yet another new interface to subscribe and listen to your favorite yackers!

Enter Odeo. Up until recently this site was by invitation only (similar to the way the beta GMail was setup). Odeo is now open to anyone to sign-up and enjoy.

Odeo is an easy way to get to your favorite podcasts, etc. It is a social network, tagging system, podcast host, podcast catcher and you don't need to be a geek.

Check the following links to find out more about Odeo:

About Odeo

Odeo FAQs

Odeo client not a must, there is iTunes integration information

How Odeo happened.

I now use iTunes after using a variety of podcatchers for both audio and video podcasts. Since iTunes does both video and audio downloads, it has become my catcher of choice. However, given the newest features offered in Odeo, I may eventually switch over to this catcher (okay, it is far more than just a catcher).

One great thing about Odeo is that it does not require you to use their client They provide information about how to use your existing catcher (which should be iTunes 4.9) to integrate with Odeo. This is great. My favorite complaint is that the various software packages force the user to change their behavior rather then the software confirming to the user's preference of operation.

The interface is simple. The creators of Odeo are the same folks that created Blogger and later sold it to Google. For those folks that are not skewed to the geekie side of their brain or could care less why a phone works but only care that a phone works, the interface should be right up their alley. But it is not so simple as to turn off the geekoids.

One warning though! I figure I am just your normal consumer. If that is truly the case, then I warn you, you will get engrossed in the podcasting environment. You will subscribe to more and more casts. You could literally spend every hour of the day going from cast to cast and never see the light of day, your relatives, your friends or break for meals... perhaps a little obsessive, but just be aware.

Last word. If you are new to podcasting (either the receiving or the creation), Odeo should be your first choice. If you love the iTunes interface and only care about listening, then iTunes is the way to go. This area is rapidly expanding since iTunes has made it "mainstream". So expect more and more easy to use players, catchers and creators to appear on the scene. Who knows maybe next you could see your favorite podcasts on your cable provider or satellite dish.

This is Rich Hand babbling from Kent, Washington

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