Saturday, July 30, 2005

old news - Google "portal", new news RSS feeds

Bet you already know all about the Google portal. Well if not, you probably should.
They call it the Google Personalized Home. But it looks just like a portal page.

If you already have a Google account, which you do if you have a GMail account. You can go over to and sign in. Customize the content on the page, move things around, and add new content. This is all old news.

The news is that you can now select specific RSS feeds or add any of your favorites feeds directly to this portal page. Now, it is not a cool RSS reader with a bunch of bells and whistles. It just displays the latest RSS feed links for what feeds you pick.

For me the attraction is using it for all those feeds I regularly monitor. Ones like, the Google blog;; videoblogging at Yahoo; and my partner's blog.

But wait there's more...

- stock quotes
- top news stories
- NY Times
- movies
- weather

and much more...

Oh by the way, you can use Google Search from there too.

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