Monday, May 16, 2005

Still playing around with Video postings

I recently came across a site explaining more about how to do video blogs. This entry is an attempt at posting an embedded video. Hopefully it does not take to long to load. {but you my need to be a bit more patient then I am}

The site contains a step by step tutorial on how to create and post a "free" vlog entry here in Blogger.

I did things a little different then the tutorial explains, so don't blame them for any lame behavior that I created in this post.

Click to play

This is my first attempt, so setup and video quality will improve as I learn more.
Note, that the video display box will change color from black to blue when ready. Also the "play" control button will become active when the video is ready to play.

Arlene and I are a little goofy some times, but boy do we enjoy ourselves.
Hopefully, you will enjoy this too.


1 comment:

Rich said...

You may have noticed that the video in this post ended up not being an embedded video.
That is due to the fact, whenever a Firefox browser loaded the page, the video was downloaded and auto started. Even though autostart was set to false. This being a bad behavior for loading the blog entry, I went back to the more traditional link to video with image as click point.

I will work on how to best embed a video so that it works better with most browsers.
I have seen this done in other pages and will attempt to borrow their methods.

Better luck next time.