Tuesday, May 10, 2005

podcasting, so what!

Up until last night I just wasn't really interested in listening to the various podcasting content that was available. That is until Kevin Rose posted about the latest TWIT (This Week in Tech) podcast.

If you happened to follow TechTV awhile back, you probably know that G4 (aka Comcast) purchased TechTV and morphed the two in a demographical targetted, pain in the brain. There are several shows that held my interest even after the merger, but they are now succumbing.

The ScreenSavers, now named Attack of the Show, was one. Bottom line on this one is that it moved from a tech savy, fringe info, intelligent show to your basic babble and high school level production quality.

Another is X-Play. This was an entertaining banter and reviews of the two hosts. Now recently just blah, blah, blah.

Could it be that intelligence is on the way out and only the mindless drivel (oh, wait, that's redundant) that connects with junior high level bathroom humor is what sells on TV?

Someone in marketing missed the point... think about all those folks that are age 35 and older. With all that disposable income. Forget marketing {WHAT!!!???} Let's just talk ratings. Clearly, something is changing. Can the ratings be higher now that G4TechTV is feeding us? If the ratings show that I am wrong, well then so be it. I would doubt they have increased. But if they have, then let's take a step back to radio... wait... no, how about a podcast!

Yep, I would rather be listening to a scratchy, lispy, radio broadcast of an intelligent set of techies talk about whatever comes to mind then switch on G4TechTV.


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