Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mutant Spawn

Today, I write to explain a phrase I stole for my son's vocabulary.


Yes, it may sound like the latest video game or a SciFi thiller or perhaps the name of a gang some where.

No, none of those!

In our "travel time discussions" many ideas sprout; new words and phrases creep into our vocabulary. Mutant spawn is just such a phrase. We were discussing ... I have no idea what we were discussing, that led to this. This is the usual. Multiple twists and turns in our conversations usually leave little hope of retracing our steps. Perhaps, this is how it should be.

So, the definition of "mutant spawn" is "your offspring". Hence my son, my daugther are mutant spawn, as am I, of my parents. We are the result of centuries of former mutant spawn having the ability to produce yet another crop of mutant spawn and so on and so on.

Although not as attractive sounding as son or daugther, it is none the less accurate. We all are the mutations of our predecessors, some good, some bad but all different.

I wish to thank my son for all the words and phrase that he has created or repurposed for our entertainment.

Another: "A procrastinator's work is never done!" {he would know!}

Yes, I think my daugther may be correct. We are a weird family. But, we are never dull! I like weird, it makes life far more interesting than "normal" and adds to the enjoyment as long as you don't take your weird too seriously.

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