Monday, April 25, 2005

follow-up on what dangles from my cellphone

Yes, I can truly say that I am hooked on this cellphone danglie thing.
And of course I now have several different ones. Presently, the two shown below are on the phone. The flashing penguin was the one I picked as most unusual. It was a gift from my partner {who also went overboard with these}. Anyway, the penguin flashes whenever the cell is receiving or sending a signal. Which I was surprised to see happens fairly often.

actual packaging for the flashing penguin

3D crystal flashing penguin - close up

feng shui symbol

In addition to these I also have a portrait of three Japanese women (one of my favorites), a world globe and some beads. My partner also brought some generic hangers so that we can create our own glass bead versions. She is in to glass making and this should produce some interesting art. More later as it develops.

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