Friday, April 29, 2005

Blog Fodder

Once again our van rides have given birth to what we thought was a new phrase.

blog fodder

Unfortunately, I have found that we did not originate this particular one nor the general meaning.

Here is the definition I found out on the "ether" -

BlogFodder is a daily email for weblog authors. It's usually a single line of text that could ignite a post on your own weblog.

However, this is not exactly how we use the phrase. In our daily interactions there are literally dozens of statements, events, goofs and ignaseconds that generate an idea that just must be "blogged".

By the way, since I am laying out definition, let's define ignasecond. An ignasecond is the moment in time when you realize you have locked your keys in the car.

Examples of blog fodder that recently presented themselves are:

Talking about my grandfather who had only used horses on the farm, yelling "whoa, damn you, whoa" during one of his first encounters with attempting to stop his new tractor.


The moments in Final Fantasy - The Crystal Chronicles when my partner says "I have a map" {when everyone has a map} or my son says "let's go shopping".


Butterflys in space; headless cock roaches; space-time; galactic particle accelerators to name a few.

Simply the fact that the term blog foddder is now in our family vocabulary is amazing to me. 50% of our family actively blog and 75% have blogs. Okay that's only 2 out of 4 and 3 out of 4, but still, it is significant.

Monday, April 25, 2005

follow-up on what dangles from my cellphone

Yes, I can truly say that I am hooked on this cellphone danglie thing.
And of course I now have several different ones. Presently, the two shown below are on the phone. The flashing penguin was the one I picked as most unusual. It was a gift from my partner {who also went overboard with these}. Anyway, the penguin flashes whenever the cell is receiving or sending a signal. Which I was surprised to see happens fairly often.

actual packaging for the flashing penguin

3D crystal flashing penguin - close up

feng shui symbol

In addition to these I also have a portrait of three Japanese women (one of my favorites), a world globe and some beads. My partner also brought some generic hangers so that we can create our own glass bead versions. She is in to glass making and this should produce some interesting art. More later as it develops.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Mutant Spawn

Today, I write to explain a phrase I stole for my son's vocabulary.


Yes, it may sound like the latest video game or a SciFi thiller or perhaps the name of a gang some where.

No, none of those!

In our "travel time discussions" many ideas sprout; new words and phrases creep into our vocabulary. Mutant spawn is just such a phrase. We were discussing ... I have no idea what we were discussing, that led to this. This is the usual. Multiple twists and turns in our conversations usually leave little hope of retracing our steps. Perhaps, this is how it should be.

So, the definition of "mutant spawn" is "your offspring". Hence my son, my daugther are mutant spawn, as am I, of my parents. We are the result of centuries of former mutant spawn having the ability to produce yet another crop of mutant spawn and so on and so on.

Although not as attractive sounding as son or daugther, it is none the less accurate. We all are the mutations of our predecessors, some good, some bad but all different.

I wish to thank my son for all the words and phrase that he has created or repurposed for our entertainment.

Another: "A procrastinator's work is never done!" {he would know!}

Yes, I think my daugther may be correct. We are a weird family. But, we are never dull! I like weird, it makes life far more interesting than "normal" and adds to the enjoyment as long as you don't take your weird too seriously.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Sunday, April 10, 2005

How many languages does your family speak?

As part of our normal routine, I go pick up my children at their moms on a regular basis. The ride to and fro has become an important part of the Dad Time. During the 20 minutes to 1 hour drive(depending on the traffic), we discuss just about any topic on earth (however, we are not limited to just earth).

Subjects might include:

- butterflies in space
- the life span of a headless cockroach
- time travel; the space-time continuum thingie
- music discussions, such as the song "I'm a Hanukkah bush!"

As you can see, we talk about, and some times make up, just about anything. If others were to over hear these conversations they might think... never mind about that, we are still "on the outside" for now... back to the languages.

On our last ride, I discovered that our family is multi-lingual. I originate from Southern New Jersey (AKA South Jersey), therefore I speak Jersey. Which is very fast with a hint of an accent and of course we have our own phraseology. Be aware I speak not of the North Jersey accent that dribbles (no, torrents) over from New York.

My daugther on the other hand (smiles) apparently understands Canadian best. It is significantly slower paced and always confirms the ending of a sentence with "EH?". This way, there is a confidence that the other person has completed a thought and you can now respond or better yet, start listening. Rather like in the radio communication style of "over" without the static (most of the time).

There is also a blending that results in most of the house occupants speaking Washingtonianese, off and on. This comes from the combination of my South Jersey accent lightly blended with the Oklahoma twang (from their mother's side) and the purely Western Washington accent that arrived from the midwest with all those Norweigans. Can't imagine what that sounds like? Well, try this, a Norweigan grows up in New York and moves to Cape May, New Jersey where a drawl is aquired, then moves to Washington and attempts to speak without any accent at all. That's the Washingtonianese that is heard in our house.

I am sure we speak many more languages. I will attempt to document them as they arise. This cultural blending is so wonderful. I think my daugther is learning Japanese. Go ahead! Try to figure out what that will end up sounding like!!! Just makes your head spin, eh?