Friday, March 04, 2005

another wakeful night

So, if you were wondering, like so many other “blogs”, yes this one is all about me. No politically charged issues. No controversial discussions. No porn, sex or drugs.
If that is what you stopped by for, no need to read further. I am actually surprised you got this far.

This is but a journal of what I am doing; what might be happening in my life; and the thoughts in my head.
Since each of us is connected to the whole, it can never truly be “all” about me.
But given the envelope that I occupy, it does feel like an appropriate place to focus.
Once again another early morning finds me here before the screen and keyboard.
As is usual, I have hundreds of thoughts scurrying about. They play their various sports -

The ADD dash.
The distraction decathlon.
The “was that a chicken” high jump.
So many sports, so little time.

I find myself thinking about change again.
This time it will be a change in job.
Not sure where that will lead.

With my boss taking a new job, I don’t believe I want to “lie down on the tracks” (as my partner puts it) for my current job.

Where I work it some times feels like everyone is “out for a pass”. Unfortunately, no one appears to have the ball to make the toss.

We all look pretty darn good, running our patterns. But as an observer you really need to know some context to makes sense of the actions.

If an alien (from another planet, rather then merely another country) were to look upon all of us dutifully dashing about, ready for our pass, it might say…

What the hell are they doing?
They all seem to be working very hard at something.
They look to be very passionate about their effort.
But, where are they going?
What is the point to this activity?
Are they just trying to get in shape?

{"chicken jump", see sports above}

Not sure if everyone gets to experience this, but I hope so.
There are times when you come across people and they just happen to be the person you work for or work for you that:

- are a joy to be around, they generate and share their energy
- give you freedom, while watching your back
- take the impossible and from what seems to be nowhere, make it happen
- can be trusted
- give you their honest, un-tethered opinions, thoughts, advice
- listen

I have been lucky enough to come across a few bosses, several peers, a couple friends and one partner who fit this bill.

It always felt like when I went out for a pass, the ball arrived at the exact moment, with the correct angle and velocity.
Or when I sent the pass flying, they were at the exact spot and ready to embrace the ball and run with it.
One doesn’t always know how to express the great feelings that accompany the interaction with these individuals.
When their presence no longer influences your envelope, there appear to be a lot more “out for a pass” patterns then normal.
This of course (not normally a given with an ADD dash) leads back to changing jobs.

I consider myself an agent of change.
I love to seek out difficult problems and apply unexpected solutions.
So far, I have been able to learn whatever I needed to accomplish this.

For now, I will scan the horizon to see the next new land, once located, will set out on yet another new adventure.

And hopefully enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed this recent set of people, places and challenges.

And of course I will report back here, because as everyone knows it IS all about me!

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