Sunday, August 08, 2004

yet another theory... everyone into the quantum pool!

Some time ago I took a Systems Analysis course and during this educational opportunity the trainer brought up a common person's explanation of "chaos and the quantum pool". Of course I didn't understand it but listened dutifully. What else are you going to do as a captive audience? Here is what I walked anyway with. It may not be the actual thing he was trying to teach, but it is what I learned.

The basic understanding (quite rarified) is that there is a quantum pool which contains all the chaotic "pieces" that are the basis for all that exists. These pieces are linked to each other and they transcend time and space. For example, let's say that one of these particles are spring in a specific direction. And this particular particle has a mate that it is associated with and its mate spins in the opposite direction. If we could reverse the spin of either one of these particles, then the spin of the other would also reverse, simultaneously. To me this seemed like a reasonable theory, until the trainer said that each particle could exist on different sides of the universe and they would still change direction simultaneously. This is where I became both interested and completely and utterly skeptical.

Normally, I can accept bizarre, nonsensical theories as long as they were at least a theme on Star Trek or some sci-fi blather that I have come across. But this was just plain insanity. Let us just throw out the knowledge of space/time and somehow connect all this quantum crap together, no matter where it exists in this universe (or possibly any other universe). Now to top this off, he tells us that each of us are
what might be termed quantum pool lenses. Confused? Well I was. The concept purported that what we know as reality is created moment by moment by... us. My understanding was that there is this quantum chaos that we (our brains; bodies; senses or some unknown "organ") focus into a less chaotic "moment" in which we now exist. The next moment is then formed based on all that we know, experience, believe to be true (or
false), see, hear, feel sense, or absorb in any other known or unknown way. {Geek moment: talk about processing power!} Not only does this newly created moment affect us, but all the other just created moments from everything's "conscious assembly" of their moments.Yep, open-minded me was just not buying this toro-poo-poo.


I was on a trip a few weeks after "learning" of this theory and something interesting happened. A person traveling with us was a triathlete and "happened" to sit next to a woman in the terminal. They started talking and found that both were triathletes. Of course, the conversation went on for some time. We then headed off toward our gate
and to his surprise the woman headed to the same gate. They found out they were traveling on the same flight. Both said that perhaps they could continue their discussion on the plane. Thinking no more about it they boarded. Each found their seat and to everyone's surprise they were seated next to each other.

Normally, I would go "wow, what a great coincidence", but I thought this time... could it be that each made their own reality and caused this coincidence to occur... NAH!! What was I crazy? Well, I catalogued the incident and chalked it up to just getting a lucky break. However, now I was interested in testing this theory. So, I made a mental note that I would try to observe any unique occurrences like these in the future. As time went by, more and more of these coincidental occurrences appeared.

So, after enough of these, I decided to (unscientifically) test if I could focus the pool. I found that by thinking about the negative outcomes of a situation, more often then not, the negative outcome arrived. Thinking about the positive outcomes for a situation, then as you guessed, the positive outcome more often seemed to result. Yep I know, could be mere coincidence. But as for me, I don't believe that anymore. I now believe that we control our "destiny". It is of course not perfect control, because we are impacted by all the others who create their reality simultaneously with ours. It is also a very big "system" to control, so lots of things still don't go as planned. Who knows why? Perhaps a flea sneezed somewhere in the universe and our reality was morphed ever so slightly. But you know what; I believe that the quantum pool can be "focused" to create the current moment, and the next, and the next... and so on. No, you really don't have control, but rather more like a hand on the tiller. Try as you might to steer a perfect course, it just won't happen. Too many factors. Waves, wind, your strength, the spin of the earth, that particle that just reversed its spin because its mate a universe away decide to take a different direction. Who knows?

But wouldn't it be interesting if at some eon in the future, some brilliant someone finds proof that this is how things work? Until then, give it you own test. Next time, you are looking for a parking space in a crowded lot, just "know" that you will find one up front, close to where you need to be. Just know it will be there and see how many times it is. The more it happens, then the more you believe it will happen and of course then the more it happens. I know, I know... toro-poo-poo. But you know what, now these thoughts, which were my reality a moment ago, have entered your being and by doing so have and will affect your quantum focusing. Sorry, you have no choice on that one now that you have come this far.

Good luck finding a parking spot. Anyone up for a dip in the pool?

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zencomix said...

being able to do things, exhibit some measure of control over "destiny", etc, is just like other things.It only works if you do it, and the more you practice, the better you get at it...