Saturday, August 07, 2004

as I get older, the wants over rule the shoulds...

Each day is different now that I have passed the last decade milestone.

As the days go by I find myself changing my priorities. In the past it has always been the case that all the chores needed to be finished prior to the "fun". Now, however, the priorities have morphed. I still adhere to all the adult responsibilities. I have no desire to shirk the duties of financial responsibility; fatherhood; trusted life partner or valued employee.

But when I find myself asking what "should" I do, I re-ask the question as what do I "want" to do. Again, it does not mean I'm a slacker. When selecting something from any of the many on the lists: work; chore; hobby or relaxation, the one that gets preference is the one I "want" to do.

What I have found is that selections made in this manner are completed with an enjoyment that never was present when the "should" factor took precedence. Some things don't get done right away. Others are done with surprising quickness; quality and excitment. The overall sense is that of more control of my life. An enjoyment of the many "tasks". A renewed interest in what each day brings, no matter the challenge.

This approach has brought back enjoyment, as well as options. In the past, options were few, mostly one. Now, options arrive whenever a choice is to be made. Perhaps this ability to see options is due to the aging process or finally maturing or seeing the world through new eyes. Whatever the reason, I plan on enjoying the adventure.


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