Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the jersey shore immortalized...

Okay, you probably know I am from New Jersey. To be specific, the South Jersey Shore.

Well, in the August 2004 issue of National Geographic is a feature on "The Jersey Shore". It covers the entire length (127 miles from Sandy Hook to Cape May Point), some sections lighter than others, but covered at least.

They asked what was your favorite Jersey Shore vacation. Since growing up there on a farm was never a vacation, I have only really had one or two and they came after I had moved away to Washington State.

If you want to post your Jersey Shore perfect vacation, head over to the forum.

Here is what I posted on the NG Jersy Shore forum:

My perfect vacation on the South Jersey shore was getting a place to stay in Cape May (the Stockton Inn was our choice) and then exploring from there. Wildwood boardwalk; Cape May point; and the various inland farms, antique shops and cheesy summertime tourist traps.

But always returning to wonderful Cape May to quietly wander the streets to meet an old friend or two.

I am originally from Rio Grande, NJ and live now in Washington State.
I spent my summers working as most do who live at the "Shore".
So, it was wonderful to come back and actually enjoy what the South Jersey Shore has to offer.

With a family lineage that dates back to 1623 at the Shore, its hard to stay away even if you can't be physically there.

I love to vacation there and as the article says, you just keep coming back again and again.

I will.

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