Tuesday, June 15, 2004

some times I feel guilty when I'm happy...

Athletes have that state of being "in the zone".  Now, since I'm a geek, one would think that "in the zone" would be an elusive opportunity at best.   But today was one of those rare days when everything came together. 
First, I have one of the best jobs that I can imagine.  I work for a large aerospace company that originated in the Pacific Northwest.  I can no longer say "based" in the PNW, cause they moved the corporate offices to Chicago.  Probably a good move, but what a break from 75+ years of tradition.  But I digress. 
I am lucky enough to have my job, my career and my favorite hobby be the exact same.  I have "worked" in the computer industry since 1975.  I have done just about everything.  Currently, my assignment is to run the company intranet search services.   A thankless job until... wait for it...
we decided to bring in the Google Search Appliance.  Wow, what a change!   It has released me from the tedious day to day grind, so that I can actually help and talk with the customers.  Go figure, an IT guy who actually enjoys customer interaction.  In addition, I get to work "virtually" 3 days per week.  Two days in the office and 3 days out.  But again,  I digress.
At home, I have built a wonderful home LAN that really cooks. I enjoy The ScreenSavers on TechTV and I am now "moding" and building my own computers.  Have a web site, a blog, an account on Orkut and last but not least a GMail account. Could it get any better?  I think not.  But once again I digress. {perhaps I have ADD}
Today, all the facets came together.  Work just clicked.   Things were getting done.  I  enjoyed talking with everyone.  The network, my laptop and all the communications were just too snappy to be believed.  Awesome!   At home,  today's virtual office, during my short breaks I enjoyed the birds, the sound of the stream and the wind rustling through the bamboo outside my "office" window.  After work, my partner came home, we went out into our backyard, which is our sanctuary, to barbeque and have dinner.  She designed our sanctuary to be a natural area which attracts birds, bugs and animals of all kinds.  It has got to be the best park around.  Now that we are full and have finished off the wine,  a relaxing evening is in progress.  Laid back and comfortable.
Not all days are like today, but at this moment I can't remember any of those other days that may not have been up to par with today.  Were they really there?  Is today really happening?  Of course it is.  Will tomorrow be more of the same?  Probably!  Some times I feel guilty when I am this happy... but not today.  No guilt just enjoyment.  Oh, to be able to bottle this and give it away to everyone. 
Okay, so perhaps this isn't exactly being "in the zone", but from where I sit it sure is close.
I really enjoyed all aspects of today.  These kinds of days happen rarely, but they certainly wash away the memories of all the others.
My partner has a new favorite quote, which may be appropriate for this euphoric day:
"I Live In My Own Little World, but it's OK. They know me here."
Enjoy your own little world as often as possible.  
See ya.


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