Saturday, June 05, 2004

just playing around...

The other day my partner and my daughter were using the dining room table as their craft room.  Arlene doing her one-stroke painting and my daughter, Jennie, also doing one-stroke but making a Mother's Day gift.   Watching them play and learn together inspired me to get out my sumi brushes.
My approach on sumi-e is to doodle what ever comes to mind.  In the midst of at least 25 sheets of doodling, a bamboo branch came to life.  The rest of the pages were, to be kind, crap.  But for some reason the bamboo stood out.  Since it was the only thing on this particular sheet, it became a "card" for Jen.  Conveniently placed, I folded the paper in half and now needed some inspiring words for the interior. 
Not really being a writer of inspirational quotes, I looked around for some words to use.  We have a local artist from Vancouver, Canada who does wonderful paintings.  Katsumi Sugita's art is everywhere, see as one example.  I own  one of his paintings titled, Cascades of Wisteria.  On it  is the inscription -
"Whether life is seen as an opportunity or a burden depends on one's point of view, not on one's circumstances."
Not sure where this came from, sounds rather Zen-like.  This is what I used for Jen's card. 
The bamboo branch can be seen at  Jen seemed to enjoy it and I hope you do too.
Until next time,  "if the answers were in the places you've been looking, you would have already found them".

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