Sunday, May 23, 2004

As you can see...

As I look around the Net to attempt an understanding of why "blogging" is everywhere, I keep coming up with the same impression. 
"It's all about me!"
Well, in the spirit of obsessive narcissism, I too have joined the throngs in creating my own noise to add to the billions of words already  floating in Cyberspace. 
IF, and that's a really big if, you are reading this, you have some how mistakenly stumbled across the Rich's "It's all about me" rambling station.  I will try to "broadcast" on a regular basis.  However, as noted previously, there appears to be a real world that continually pulls me away from my wonderfully isolated, controlled existence here. 
Also, since my nature tends towards laziness AND as I have aged I find that I do more of the "want to do's" versus the "should do's", you and I will have time gaps in our blog relationship.
As you can see from the previous lobs, I will share thoughts and real world exchanges that are "all about me".   Thanks for reading this far.  You are definitely an extremely persistent bot.

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