Monday, May 31, 2004

from the real world... via the net

You might recall that I mentioned that from time to time I stop by the real world to see how things are going.  For the most part it is a thrill to be there.  Occasionally, it sucks.  Over the past few days due to medical issues, it has really sucked big time.
But today,  while I was cruising through several feeds about TechTV and the ScreenSavers, my daughter came online in IM.  She is in 5th grade and lives with her mom.  Quite the cutie, as well as quite the artist.  Back on one of my geekier days, I taught her how to setup and use IM.  We practiced by IM'ing each other while she was over at my place.  She in her bedroom and me  in the kitchen.  At the time, I thought what a silly thing.  But we enjoyed it!
Now, right now,  she is at her mom's and she came online.  We talked for awhile about her anime drawing, her upcoming graduation and just to say I love you.   Ending with an emoticon hug and a kiss.   Sure it is all via the Net.  But you take opportunities when you get them.
That silly little exercise of learning IM has turned out to be the any time opportunity to keep in touch with her.  Phone really isn't an option. I said that the solitude was nice here, but so is the connected-ness.   I miss my daughter, but at least we don't lose touch.  Thank goodness for geekiness....

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Why would anyone write here?

You know some people just need to write.   Some do this well, while others simply spew.
I think I am probably one of the spewers.
The person that got me started was Wil Wheaton.   The hell you say!  Rather indirectly.  Wil hosted Call for Help (unfortunately CfH  has been retired by the G4/TechTV marriage) one week and mentioned his site and book Just A Geek.  After visiting his site, I was amazed at his writing style and what his blogs brought out as information and his essence.
I started writing.  Not for gain.  Not for fame.  Not even for recognition.  Just to write. 
Okay, so why here?  If I wanted to write and not receive any of the above, then why not quietly jot these ramblings on some paper and stuff them in a drawer some where?
First, I am a nerd.  Computers and the Internet are where I find challenge and interesting involvements.  I have a non-nerd life, which is another facet of the whole, but the nerd part is truly fun. 
Second, I love to write but have not for 30 some years. 
Last but not least, I have a life with the most wonderful person I have ever known.  It was a very long, crooked road that brought me to her.   She inspires me to be more than just a day to day person.
All these elements combined to focus me once again toward writing.  It is a convenient opportunity that presents itself with each evening's computer journey.  The fact is, I am writing again.
If it is read, great.  But my enjoyment comes from the writing.  
The absolute greatest accomplishment of this writing would be if someone read it and
started writing simply because they discovered, as I did, it is a joy not a chore.
Thanks Wil.    

Sunday, May 23, 2004

An unfinished oriental garden's view...

Keeping with the oriental theme, I want to share the view from our unfinished oriental garden.
As you look through a ever increasing bamboo forest, you can sit quietly gazing at the bubbling spring.
To gaze for yourself, I have shared what I see at:
It is not exactly like "being there", but you will get a sense of the moment.

As you can see...

As I look around the Net to attempt an understanding of why "blogging" is everywhere, I keep coming up with the same impression. 
"It's all about me!"
Well, in the spirit of obsessive narcissism, I too have joined the throngs in creating my own noise to add to the billions of words already  floating in Cyberspace. 
IF, and that's a really big if, you are reading this, you have some how mistakenly stumbled across the Rich's "It's all about me" rambling station.  I will try to "broadcast" on a regular basis.  However, as noted previously, there appears to be a real world that continually pulls me away from my wonderfully isolated, controlled existence here. 
Also, since my nature tends towards laziness AND as I have aged I find that I do more of the "want to do's" versus the "should do's", you and I will have time gaps in our blog relationship.
As you can see from the previous lobs, I will share thoughts and real world exchanges that are "all about me".   Thanks for reading this far.  You are definitely an extremely persistent bot.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

OK, so it may not be exactly the same as Arlene and I. Here is the "almost matching" image from Joe versus the volcano. Posted by Hello

Now here is a real Joe versus the volcano moment. Have a uke and my "Patricia". Actually Arlene... Posted by Hello

Sumi - "signature" stamp of hope and trust Posted by Hello

I obtained this stamp through a private source in Japan. Later these became widely available via places like www.asianbrushart.comand many other Japanese online malls.

Sumi - Cherry Tomato by Rich Hand Posted by Hello

Sumi- Red Pepper by Rich Hand Posted by Hello

Sumi seahorse that was published in the book "A Flower Unfolds" part of "The Eyes of Kwan Yin" Posted by Hello

Arlene's most recent incredible pansy picture. Posted by Hello

Second post is sent from email

In an effort to experiment and understand,
I have sent this post from a foreign land.
Yes, the real world still exists out there.
although I can't tell exactly where.
Rich Hand

Welcome - I write therefore I am

This is my first attempt at blogging. I have no idea where this will lead nor if enlightenment arrives swiftly or so slowly it can't be seen.